Vue bubbler

A Vue plugin that enables bubbling of custom events

Vue element query

VueJS mixin plugin for creating element size queries in components

Vue clickaway

Reusable clickaway directive for reusable Vue.js components

Vue shortkey

A plugin for VueJS 2.x accepts shortcuts globaly and in a single listener.

V hotkey

Vue 2.x directive - binding hotkeys for components.

V dragged

Vue directive plugin for advanced drag event detection.

Vue outside events

Vue 2.x directive to help a specified element listen for specific events occurring outside of itself.

Vue selectable

Directive to make objects selectable in vue.js application

Vue esc

:running: Vue.js directive to add a document event listener on escape keyup.

Vue scroll show

A Vue.js component that adds a class to the element if it visible on display after scrolling

Vue keypress

Global keypress event handler component for Vue.js applications.