A Vue.js plugin/component to help you manage your icons seamlessly

Vue awesome

Font Awesome component for Vue.js, using inline SVG.

Vue unicons

1000+ Pixel-perfect svg icons for your next project as Vue components

Vue eva icons

Simply beautiful open source icons as Vue components

Mdi vue

Material Design Icons for Vue.js

Vue ico

Dead easy, Google Material Icons for Vue.js Projects

Md svg vue

Server Side Material Design Icons (SVG) for Vue.js

Vue fa

Tiny FontAwesome 5 component for Vue.js

Vue zondicons

Vue component to easily add Zondicon icons to your project

Vue cryptoicon

Beautiful pixel perfect 400+ cryptocurrency and 10+ Fiat currency icon


An iconfont component for vue.

Vue lang code flags

Vue component which shows the flag of the country from which the language comes from

Vue heroicons

Free 104 premium SVG icons for your Vue.js project