Nuxt spa store init

A simple Nuxt module that will hydrate the VueX store when running in SPA mode (not SSR)

Vuex bound

Vue two-way binding (v-model) for Vuex state and mutations.

Vuex microservice

Define microservice URLs at a dedicated place and use them inside your Vuex actions.

Vue auto storage

An automatic storage plugin for Vue2, persist the data with localStorage.


Actions on the Flow


state management for Vue.js


Redux binding for Vue.

Proxy state tree

An implementation of the Mobx/Vue state tracking approach, for library authors

Vue submit

A pure Vue component submit button with a Ladda-style spinner

Vue pgn

A Vue.js component for browsing chess games in pgn format

Vue cbsc

Lightweight color shader/blender/converter plugin implemented for Vue 2.

Nx card

Simple and beautiful card made for vue.js.


vue components

Vue book

Tree view for your demo components